Our Team


William Flew


William has a vast heritage of forging strong relationships, understanding business strategy, long-term planning and team building, throughout both corporate and SME enterprises.  An ability to adapt to ever changing markets, while maintaining the respect of both colleagues and competitors alike, has enabled William to retain his renowned passion for business, and indeed, life itself.

“If we do a good job of looking after our Customers and Suppliers, the benefits of business readily follow.  Always leave something in it for the next guy.” 


Grant Nye

Chief Executive Officer

Grant is an experienced Senior Leader who thrives in joining and leading the skills and abilities of like-minded individuals towards a set of common goals.  His passion is for innovation and motivation.  Across both large corporate environments and small business enterprises, he has successfully delivered results through empowering teams to challenge 'business as usual.'  Grant is continuously in search of opportunities for increased revenue, cost savings and enhanced end user experiences.

“When we actively engage and collaborate across ALL stakeholders, with the Customer at the centre of everything we do, ultimately we deliver the very highest service quality.”


Andrew Kingstone

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew is a commercially astute, successful executive leader.  With an extensive background providing strategic and financial advice for multi-national companies, including the establishment of new businesses across New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East.  He provides a solution-focused approach that gains optimal outcomes in the management of acquisitions, system development and project implementation.  Andrew promotes a culture of continuous improvement and accomplishing commercial gains for the organisation.

“In any business there are a number of elements and drivers that propel the business forward. In accounting if you are effectively managing cashflow, you couldn’t be closer to reality and the true life blood of your business – don’t lose sight of it.”

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Matt Barker

General Manager Pacific Operations

Matt is a highly resilient, self-directed manager, with a long history in both the corporate and private sectors.  Having a flare for mobility and logistical planning, he has a proven record in delivering both technical efficiencies and quality-based performance results.  Experienced in leading lean operations through high performance team building and key process improvement.  Noted also for having a keen ability to identify risks, set objectives, and implement strategic initiatives.

“When the roadmap is clear, the rules of engagement defined and the vision is shared, then we can’t help but stay laser focused on providing quality service and excellence in customer satisfaction”