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Retail Partners

Flatpack Global has secured global contracts with world-renowned retail partners because, to put it simply, we provide a customer experience well beyond the consumers expectation. Your business will achieve a competitive assembly and installation service without the need for additional investment and internal complexity. Flatpack Global helps our retail partners by increasing their average sales values and revenues. This is a result of offering well structured, end-to-end service. Your clients are satisfied and your market share will increase. Partnering with Flatpack Global simplifies your business because instead of having to manage many inconsistent subcontractors, the accountability lies with a single, approachable individual within Flatpack Global, solely responsible for ensuring that your business is running smoothly in regards to installations.

Our brands will reduce the number of returns your business currently experiences; reducing the amount of repairs, which are often caused by incorrect self- assembly. We will identify and report any discovered issues with assembly instructions or processes, proactively improving your business’ offering.

Think of Flatpack Global as a natural extension of your existing team, providing excellent customer service directly into to your customers homes & offices.

We are in high-demand but If you’re are a retailer in need of the Flatpack Global solutions, please feel free to get in touch.

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Our Retail Partners