About us.

Retail Partners

Flatpack Global is a fast growing, multi-national, multi-brand franchise that’s re-engineering the way people experience flatpack furniture.

The flatpack furniture industry is growing exponentially, all the while as consumers become ever more reluctant to assemble their own furniture and demand a higher level of convenience in the 21st century.

We understand that services are not part of a core retail business and this global trend is a challenge for retail giants.

Over the past 5 years Flatpack Global has developed, implemented and refined a business model that’s made specifically to support large format retail stores in extending their reach and services into the customer’s home and winning business through valuable customer experience.

It’s a simple, yet highly systemised environment for skilled technicians to operate within, allowing efficiencies, sharing of knowledge, techniques and a secret recipe that leads to your customers being delighted.

Our goal is to exceed 10 million expectations* by the 25th October 2025 and we’re looking for more retail partners with shared values to help us realise this goal.

*Customer expectation exceeded = an NPS score of 70+


Why Retailers want to join us

Retailers are faced with consumers demanding more affordable and convenient services but, services haven’t traditionally been their core business. Should you insource? Or are you to outsource?

Flatpack Global has tackled several major challenges to enable retailers to extend their reach into the homes of the customers and create memorable experiences.

Our Model: Franchising has brought the world many successful businesses. We’ve applied the same principles and franchised our business across the world. With invested franchise partners we can together co-create better, more convenient and more affordable services to change the way people experience flatpack furniture.

Our Systems: Quality control seems to be lacking in many service environments, in fact, systems in general tend to be somewhat non-existent or out of date. Flatpack Global knows that this is a huge challenge for retailers. Their service partners aren’t able to provide the same level of customer experience due to a lack of organisation and funding. We’ve invested heavily in our proprietary software to allow you full visibility, job tracking, accountabilities, and essential quality control procedures to create a transparent business partnership that maximises the customer experience.


Our People: Our business values, culture and structure attracts some of the best tradespeople in the world. Blend this talent with our robust, attractive systems and smart digital platforms and together we begin to create a compelling offer which is designed for fast growth.

Our Purpose: Flatpack Globals purpose is to change the way people experience flatpack furniture which is driven by our passion and vision to disrupt expectations.


Our Retail Partners

Our retail partners currently include; Briscoes, Easy Shed, The Cedar Shed, Freedom, Galvo Shed, Garden Master, Gubba, Harvey Norman, SheShedz, Jobmate, Jumpflex, Masport, Elite Fitness, Mitre 10 Mega, The Warehouse, The Warehouse Stationery, Rebel Sport, Smiths City, Springfree, Storite, Sunlighten Saunas, Tiltaway, Timbercabins, Tradetested, Unitrans, UrbanSales, Compac Furniture, Containerdoor, Crown and Duratuf.


A True Business Partnership

Flatpack Global has secured global contracts with world-renowned retail partners because, to put it simply, we provide a customer experience well beyond the consumers’ expectation at an affordable price.

Our retail partners achieve a competitive assembly and installation service without the need for additional investment and internal complexity that insourcing brings. Flatpack Global works with them to co-create a seamless, end-to-end, affordable service that their customers love.

As a retail partner, think of us as a natural extension of your existing team; our shared vision, passion and entrepreneurial ethos will bring an exciting dimension to your business that will drive growth and challenge the way we work today, so that together, we can continue to exceed the expectations for the customer of tomorrow.