About us.

Our Story

The business started out in Christchurch, New Zealand when a 17 year old entrepreneur working at a Bunnings store had a bright idea and $310 burning a hole in his back pocket.

Fast forward five years and we’re now one of the largest and fastest growing mobile service franchises in the world. We operate in five countries and have around 150 franchisees globally in operation.The concept is simple yet original; You’ll experience an assembly service of your flatpack products within your home or office, for a fair, fixed fee. Flatpack Globals fixed fee establishes trust and cohesion amongst our franchisees enabling them to operate efficiently and professionally.

Since 2014 our vision has been to create the world’s most reliable, robust and well-tuned assembly business. In addition to this it improves the working conditions of both the technician,

the retailer and at the same time enhances the customer’s experience. We’ve produced a motivating environment which can be described as a true win/win.

Flatpack Global is a fast-growing multi-national, franchising brand that’s re- engineering the flatpack assembly industry. At face value, you would consider us to be in the business of assembly yet the underlying contributor to our success is a core belief that we’re in the business of customer experience and all that’s associated with this.

We have operations in Australia, England, Scotland, Wales and New Zealand and are partners with some of the world’s largest brand. Flatpack Global brands provide support, advice and services to the world’s largest flatpack retailers.

Countries currently in operation